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Doug has been the farm manager for the Albert Farm Partnership for 37 years, first working with Harold Albert, and then with his two daughters, Joanne and Marilyn, my wife.

 Joanne lives in Florida, so Marilyn and I were the more active duo in working with Doug. We would meet for lunch once or twice a year, then tour the farmland and have many great conversations. Nearly every time, I would learn something new about farming. Doug is very good at explaining concepts he wants to get across. If he wants to recommend any changes to farm operations, he does just that and lets us make the final decision. 

Doug also served as the selling agent when we sold the farm in 2023. He did all the advertising, was able to find over 25 potential buyers, worked with our attorney on a myriad of issues, and directed the online auction. Things went well, and we were very satisfied with the final results. 

I cannot imagine any farm manager being better than Doug.  

Dave Giffin